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Six Areas of Collaboration for the Alliance of Independent Catholic Schools
School Bus

Beginning in the fall of 2020, the Alliance will provide shared transportation between the campuses so that students from each school will have access to shared resources and facilities, including community, athletic, arts, and academic spaces. In addition, families with students who attend different schools within the Alliance will be able to drop all students off at one campus before school where they will be able to access transportation to all other campuses.

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 12.30.43

The Alliance offers opportunities for increased collaboration between male and female students at the high school level, and additional interaction and mentorship between elementary school students and middle and high school students. Students at all three schools will benefit from new academic and extracurricular opportunities. 


Through the Alliance, students will have opportunities to use facilities and work with faculty and staff on other campuses in ways that enhance their overall educational experience. The availability of shared transportation will allow all students who wish to participate in opportunities at other schools the ability to easily move between campuses.

College Library

The Alliance offers several benefits for area families, including preferred admissions consideration and new high school scholarships for students who graduate from Venerini Academy in good academic standing and wish to enroll at Notre Dame or Saint John’s. 

In a Meeting

The Alliance will afford all three schools the opportunity to leverage the expertise found in each community.  While the schools will remain financially independent of each other, by formally connecting the three independent schools, there is increased opportunity in purchasing, information technology, and the creation of greater efficiencies and economies of scale.

Brainstorming Session

Faculty and staff at all three schools will come together twice a year for shared professional development experiences designed to enhance understanding of children’s academic, social and spiritual development from early stages through high school and to allow for the development of new programming between the schools. Special attention will be paid to what it means to be a Catholic school educator.

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